Mental Health Services Overview

Clifton Street Clinic
The Clifton Street Clinic houses several of the Center programs including our Admissions unit, MCOT program, Continuity of Care program, TCOOMMI, PATH, NAMI -Waco and NAMI - Waco Peer program, as well as housing the Crisis Respite program.

The Crisis Treatment Center
The Crisis Treatment Center (CTC) at 301 Londonderry, Waco was designed to provide additional crisis services to individuals in the catchment area. The CTC contains three new programs. These include the Extended Observation Program, the Crisis Residential Program and the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Mental Health Admissions
Persons with mental health concerns or needs who request services are encouraged to call 1-866-752-3451 (option 4), or may be seen at our Center to discuss those matters privately. Our qualified personnel will provide you with information about treatment resources in the community or within the HOTRMHMR system if eligible for those services. The staff in each county may also assist you in times of crisis by serving to coordinate crisis services when needed.

Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization
The Center provides for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization services for individuals in the community who are experiencing severe psychiatric decompensation or who are a threat to themselves or others based on their psychological state. Services are arranged with local area hospitals when available and appropriate. When necessary or for longer-term stabilization individuals are transferred to the Austin State Hospital or other available inpatient state hospital settings.

Crisis Hotline 1-866-752-3451
The Crisis Hotline is a continuously available telephone service staffed by trained and competent crisis counselors that provides information, screening, intervention, support, and referrals to callers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Counselors who are certified by the American Association of Suicidology staff the Crisis Hotline.

Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams
The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) provides a combination of crisis services including emergency care, urgent care, and crisis follow-up and relapse prevention to any child, adolescent, or adult in the community. The MCOT will provide transitional services for up to 90 days to help individuals who would not otherwise be eligible for MHMR services.

Mental Health Case Management
Planning, coordination, and monitoring of services are provided at least monthly for all admitted clients of the Center by bachelor's level staff. Mental Health Case Managers are responsible for assessing consumers' needs, identifying treatment strategies, linking consumers to community resources, integrating consumer choice in their treatment planning and working towards recovery as defined by each individual.

Case Management services are available in all six counties covered by HOTRMHMR. Please visit our Counties Served page and click on the county of your choice.

Psychiatric Medical Services
The Center provides a full array of psychiatric medical services for our consumers. The professional staff includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacy assistants, support staff, and a program director. The staff conduct regular and crisis assessments of all consumers, prescribe and manage medications, coordinate distribution of psychiatric medications, assist consumers in accessing Pharmacy Assistance Programs, manage medication samples, monitor metabolic symptoms, and provide the clinical leadership for all consumers served by the Center. The Medical Services staff serve over 2,000 individuals per year.

Mental Health Rehabilitation and Counseling Services
Counseling, Skills Training and Psychosocial Rehabilitation services for adults are provided by Bachelor's and Master's level clinicians throughout the HOT region. Licensed professionals (Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists) are available to help with special issues, to provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy for depression, Cognitive Processing Therapy specifically designed for trauma related issues, and to provide supervision.

Medication Coordination Services
The medication coordination unit manages our Patient Assistance Program (PAP) and medication coordination/distribution. This unit coordinates medication fill and refill requests through external pharmacies, as well as through our agreement with East Texas Behavioral Healthcare Network. This unit also runs a very successful Patient Assistance Program which helps our active consumers to obtain medication at no out-of-pocket cost for the individual.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
This mobile unit supports individuals with the most severe and persistent mental illness by providing intensive treatment, rehabilitation and support services at consumers' homes and other community settings. ACT services are provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to ensure consumers have continuous treatment supports.

The Center's FACT (Forensic Assertive Community Treatment) Team works with individuals discharging from jail settings. The program provides intensive wrap-around services designed to assist the individual in being able to function in the community while staying out of contact with the criminal justice system.

Integrated Health Clinic
The Center has established an agreement and contract with the Family Health Center (FHC) to open an integrated health clinic at the Main Center to serve the health needs of active consumers. The clinic, scheduled to open in April, 2014, will coordinate physical and behavioral health treatment and will provide a variety of wellness initiatives designed to provide for healthier lives for staff and consumers.

Elder Care Program
The Center has a specialized integrated health program for the geriatric population. Staff provides intensive services to seniors who also have health issues interfering with their ability to live a full and productive lifestyle.

Substance Abuse Services - COPSD Program
The Center has established a specialized program to work with individuals with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders (COPSD). The program provides intensive services and supports designed to reduce harm associated with substance abuse in active consumers of the Center. Specialized case management and counseling are available.

HOT Counseling Center
The Center has developed a community outpatient clinic for individuals who do not meet the state requirements for services at HOTRMHMR Center. The program emphasizes counseling to deal with maladaptive behaviors developed to cope with situational stressors and / or traumatic experiences. Case management and minimal medication management are also available to support the counseling offered.

Peer Services
The Center has expanded peer services to provide training and support to other consumers specifically around healthy lifestyle choices.

Outpatient Competency Restoration
In this program individuals who historically have been sent to the state hospital if determined to be incompetent to stand trial are now being able to receive their competency restoration locally. The team works with the individual not only on the legal aspects of restoring competence, but also work intensively with the individual on establishing treatment supports that will keep the person from decompensating in the future.

Independence Center
Begun in May of 2005, the Independence Center is a joint project between the Veterans Administration and MHMR. The goal of the Independence Center is to provide consumers of mental health services in the Central Texas area the opportunity to help one another through the use of peer support programs. This program currently serves approximately 50 individuals each day.

New Resiliency Services have been added at the Independence Center. These services are designed for Center consumers and community members wanting to develop skills that assist them in coping with stress in a more appropriate manner. These services are available Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Mexia Peer Support Center
The Mexia Peer Support Center is a safe place where individuals who suffer from mental health issues can offer support to one another and are empowered to create and participate in self-enhancing activities. It is participant-managed and attendees choose what activities they would like to be involved in. To be eligible, a person must be at least 18 years of age and have been diagnosed with a mental illness. The public including veterans are welcome to apply.

Supported Housing
Intensive support and rehabilitation training is provided for those consumers who need assistance in obtaining and maintaining community housing. Consumers live in apartments and homes throughout the area. Some individuals reside in The Dean Maberry Center, formerly called the Phoenix Apartments. In collaboration with Waco Housing Authority, MHMR jointly facilitates operation of 23 HUD apartments.

The Center also operates a Shelter Plus Care program that offers housing vouchers and wrap-around clinical services to individuals with mental health issues who are homeless. The Center currently has four grants totaling 27 vouchers. Individuals must be active consumers of the Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center in order to be eligible for these vouchers.

Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)
The PATH Program is designed to support the delivery of services to persons who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and have serious mental illnesses or co-occurring substance use disorders. A particular emphasis is placed on persons most in need of services and on services that are not supported by mainstream mental health programs.

Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI)
The TCOOMMI program provides service coordination and rehabilitation services to individuals currently on parole or probation upon referral from the criminal justice system. The program works in collaboration with specially dedicated mental health probation and parole officers to create a unique partnership that has led to the lowest recedivism rate in the country. The unit also provides similar services to juveniles with mental health needs who are involved with the legal system.

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