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All positions are generally posted for ten (10) working days. Inquiries should be made as to the availability of the position after that time. All positions may be filled when they have been posted for five (5) working days.

Heart of Texas Region MHMR - An Equal Opportunity Employer

               ******************LICENSED STAFF ******************                      
Posted Job TitleLocationHours/ShiftPosition#
04/14/14Caseworker II (Licensed)Waco- Klaras Center for Families8AM-5PM M-F1305
04/01/14Nursing SupervisorWaco- Londonderry CTC12N-8PM M-F with other as needed1746
04/01/14Registered NurseWaco- Londonderry CTC7PM-7AM Sun-Tues & alt. Wed1741
03/04/14Caseworker II (Licensed)Waco- Londonderry CTC8AM-5PM M-F with other as needed1745
01/17/14Registered Therapist or Therapist Assistant
Waco- Klaras Children's Center8AM-5PM M-F with other as needed1619
ContinuousPsychiatristWaco- Main Center8AM-5PM M-FContinuously posted
****************** BACHELOR'S/MASTER'S LEVEL STAFF ******************
PostedJob TitleLocationHours/ShiftPosition#
04/09/14Supervisor II/FACT & JDWaco- Clifton Street Clinic8AM-5PM M-F with other as neededpending
04/09/14QMHP Regional Team-LeadWaco- Klaras Center for Families8AM-5PM M-F with other as neededCurrent KCF employees only
04/07/14MCOT On-Call (In-house only)Waco- Clifton Street Clinic After hours as needed1563
04/07/14Caseworker I or II/FACTMexia- 700 W Hwy 1718AM-5PM M-F with other as needed1728
01/30/14Program Specialist/CLOIPMexia- 700 W Hwy 1718AM-5PM M-F1551
12/06/13Program Specialist/CLOIPMexia- 700 W Hwy 1718AM-5PM M-F1553
****************** ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ******************
PostedJob TitleLocationHours/ShiftPosition#
****************** CLERICAL STAFF ******************
PostedJob TitleLocationHours/ShiftPosition#
04/07/14Administrative TechnicianWaco- Developmental Services8AM-5PM M-F3031
04/01/14Administrative TechnicianMexia- 700 W Hwy 1718AM-5PM M-F3124
****************** DIRECT CARE STAFF ******************
PostedJob TitleLocationHours/ShiftPosition#
04/16/14PT Therapist TechnicianRobinson- West Ward Group Home3PM-11PM Sat & Sun; 4 hours PRN1773
04/16/14PT Therapist TechnicianRobinson- West Ward Group Home1PM-7PM Sat & Sun1774
04/07/14FT Habilitation SpecialistWaco- Clifton Street Clinic8AM-5PM M-F with other as needed1772
03/14/14FT Therapist TechnicianWaco- Mountainview Group Home7AM-7PM Sat & Sun; 7AM-3PM Mon & Wed1656
03/07/14FT Therapist TechnicianWaco- Richland Group Home7AM-7PM Sat & Sun with 16 hours M-F1313
09/25/12PRN Therapist TechnicianWaco- Mountainview Group HomeAs needed1660
10/09/13PT Therapist TechnicianWaco- NW Living Center8AM-8PM Sat; 12N-8PM Sun1141
10/09/13PT Therapist Technician Waco- West Ward Group Home 7AM-1PM Sat & Sun 1147
11/06/13PT Therapist TechnicianWaco- West Ward Group Home7AM-3PM Sat & Sun; 4 hours PRN1214
PostedJob TitleLocationHours/ShiftPosition#
04/14/14FT Therapist TechnicianGroesbeck- Jane and Parkside Group Homes40 hour/week floater3028
04/01/14FT Habilitation SpecialistMexia- 700 Hwy 1718AM-5PM M-F with some flexibility1633
03/13/14FT Therapist TechnicianTeague- Ash Group Home8PM-8AM Sat & Sun; 8AM-4PM Tues & Thurs3162
02/11/14PRN Therapist TechnicianGroesbeck- Parkside Group HomeAs needed1469
01/02/13PRN Therapist TechnicianMarlin/Waco Group HomesAs needed1649


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