Crisis Treatment Center

301 Londonderry
Waco, TX 76712
Phone:(254) 867-6550
Fax: (254) 867-6533

The Crisis Treatment Center (CTC), a collaborative effort with the Providence Health Network, is designed to provide additional crisis services to individuals in our 6-county area. The CTC contains three new programs. These include the Extended Observation Program, the Crisis Residential Program and the Intensive Outpatient Program. These programs expect to divert individuals who previously had to leave town for treatment and allow them to receive treatment in a setting where family and other natural supports exist.

Extended Observation Program
In the Extended Observation Program individuals may be brought in and held for up to 48 hours to determine the level of care needed to deal with their crisis. Individuals are provided active treatment and then re-assessed to determine treatment needed to help them deal with their crisis situation.

Crisis Residential Program
In the Crisis Residential Program individuals are able to receive intensive inpatient care on a voluntary basis to help cope with their current situation. Individuals typically stay between three to ten days and receive medication, counseling and discharge coordination.

Intensive Outpatient Program
In the Intensive Outpatient Program individuals may receive the same level of intensive services offered without being required to remain on site. This allows for greater flexibility for individuals who may have obligations they need to meet at home, but who recognize the need for a greater level of care than a typical outpatient program could offer.

Triage Program
In addition to the new programs, the CTC now houses the 24-hour triage services previously offered at the Crisis Care Center location, now called the Clifton Street Clinic.



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