Clifton Street Clinic

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1200 Clifton Street
Waco, TX 76704
Phone: (254) 297-7749
Fax: (254) 412-1568
24-Hour Emergency/Crisis Number: 1-866-752-3451

The Clifton Street Clinic is located at 1200 Clifton St. in Waco, which currently houses a variety of programs and can be reached by calling: 254-297-7749.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Eligibility: Adults aged 18 or order (unless otherwise specified)


The Admissions Unit provides open access to any individual seeking adult mental health services. Please call for initial screening at 1-866-752-3451. If you call after hours, please press Option 4 during your call when applying for services.

The Admissions Unit has open access at the Clifton Street Clinic at any time Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. Later assessment times are available by appointment.

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The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) is comprised of Qualified Mental Health Professionals and a Registered Nurse. The MCOT team responds to community behavioral health emergencies, for any age, and provides screenings at area hospitals for Austin State Hospital. The MCOT team provides transitional services for individuals for up to 90 days to assist in crisis resolution and appropriate community referrals. This team is available 24 hours daily by calling 254-752-3451 or toll-free at 1-866-752-3451.


In our Crisis Respite Program we offer 16 beds for individuals needing additional support for crisis resolution. This program also serves as a step-down from in-patient services when individuals are not quite ready to return home. Transitional living is offered for individuals experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental illness. To reach this program, call (254) 297-7736.


Substance Abuse Services is a new program that includes the COPSD Program outlined below.


The PATH Program is designed to support the delivery of services to persons who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and have serious mental illnesses or co-occurring substance use disorders. A particular emphasis is placed on persons most in need of services and on services that are not supported by mainstream mental health programs.

The goals of the PATH program are to provide intensive, personalized outreach and engagement services using evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing, stages of change, and Trauma Informed Treatment, including principles of Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance-abuse Disorders (COPSD). PATH is intended to provide time limited services and to be a bridge to traditional community and behavioral health services such as Assertive Community Treatment, Supported Housing, Case Management, or Service Coordination. PATH programs are intended to ensure successful transition into mainstream services and engage in interagency coordination and cooperation.

The PATH program is housed at the Clifton Street Clinic located at 1200 Clifton St. in Waco. PATH staff may be reached at 254-297-7734.


The continuity of care team offers support for individuals who are in psychiatric hospitals to develop a plan for discharge and to assist individuals with obtaining necessary services when they return to the community. They work closely with staff at state hospitals as well as local psychiatric hospitals to provide aftercare appointments, assistance with medications, and ensuring the individuals have their daily needs met. This service may be reached at (254) 297-7732.


The Center's FACT (Forensic Assertive Community Treatment) Team works with individuals discharging from jail settings. The program provides intensive wrap-around services designed to assist the individual in being able to function in the community while staying out of contact with the criminal justice system.

Jail Diversion services are also provided out of the Clifton Street Clinic. In this program, staff is contacted by local law enforcement officials to look at alternatives to incarcerating individuals impacted by their mental health issues. The Center also dispatches staff to all of our community jails and detention facilities to provide assessments, case coordination, staff training and discharge planning for individuals with behavioral health issues that are incarcerated. The Jail Diversion staff also work closely with local DA's offices, defense attorneys and the judicial system to find alternatives to incarceration for individuals experiencing mental health issues that would be better served in treatment rather than the criminal justice system. The FACT Team may be contacted by calling (254) 297-7790.


In this program, individuals who historically have been sent to the state hospital if determined to be incompetent to stand trial are able to receive their competency restoration locally. The team works with the individual not only on the legal aspects of restoring competence, but also work intensively with the individual on establishing treatment supports that will keep the person from decompensating in the future. The team works closely with the judicial system to advocate for the best outcome for the individuals during the course of treatment. Contact may be made by calling (254) 297-7790.


The TCOOMMI program provides service coordination and rehabilitation services to individuals currently on parole or probation upon referral from the criminal justice system. The program works in collaboration with specially dedicated mental health probation and parole officers, to create a unique partnership that has led to the lowest recidivism rate in the country.

(The Klaras Center for Families' TCOOMMI Program at 254-752-7889, provides similar services to juveniles with mental health needs who are involved with the legal system.)

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday


Adults aged 18 or older  


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